The Peoplemover 1968 2013

Year: 2013 Type: Print publication Languages: German, English Price: 16.00 € Format: 16 x 23 cm, softcover, sewn binding Scope: 350 p., no images ISBN: 978-3-938515-55-6

WIR SPIELEN (WE PLAY) is an artistic investigation on the topic of collectivities and the significance of the pronoun “we”. Throughout a series of events in 2013 a variety of textual material was produced and compiled. The text took the shape of a theater play and is published in this book.

Furthermore, the book contains the reference piece „The Peoplemover – A Demonstration Poem (1968)“ by Mary Ellen Solt. What is “we”? What would “we” do? Is collective work still a political standpoint? A marketing strategy? A failed project? A necessity for our survival? How would a demonstration poem look like today?

Ed.: nGbK

Work group: Freja Bäckman, Elis Hannikainen, Annika Högner, Vappu Jalonen, Johanna Karlsson, Clara López Menéndez

With contributions by:Mary Ellen Solt,  Freja Bäckman, Elis Hannikainen, Annika Högner, Vappu Jalonen, Johanna Karlsson, Clara López Menéndez