Curating through Conflict with Care

Sat, 1.1.22 – Tue, 30.4.24 Type: Research project Languages: German, English Organizer: neue Gesellschaft für bildende Kunst

Research, workshops, online platform

Curating through Conflict with Care (CCC) addresses conflicts around representation and participation in local cultural landscapes and investigates approaches to (non-)institutional, community-led change that center care.

The first year’s research identified conflicts and contradictions as a methodology to reveal the paradoxes of inclusive curating. In the second year, CCC will explore how to advance best practices and existing debates around curatorial responsibility. A 3-day symposium in summer 2023 will bring collaborators together to discuss the research’s key questions. An Open Call in Spring 2023 will invite a selected public to sharing-sessions in Berlin to extend conversations, insights, questions, plans and proposals. In April, CCC will launch an online platform to share those resources gathered.

nGbK work group: Maithu Bùi, Sophya Frohberg, Ayasha Guerin, Moshtari Hilal, Duygu Örs


17.4.24, 7.00 pm

Launch online platform CCC

Type: Event Location: nGbK am Alex

4.8.–6.8.23, 10.00–6.00 pm

Curating through Conflict with Care

Type: Symposium


Curating through Conflict with Care (CCC)