Curating through Conflict with Care

Fri, 4.8. – Sun, 6.8.23, 10.00–6.00 pm Type: Symposium Languages: German, English Organizer: neue Gesellschaft für bildende Kunst

Symposium Curating through Conflict with Care

The nGbK working group „Curating through Conflict with Care“ (CCC) invites you to a three-day summer symposium from 4 to 6 August 2023. The symposium will take place from Friday to Sunday from 10:00-18:00 and will be launched with an opening party on Thursday evening. 

The symposium uses conflict and contradiction as a methodology to identify and work through the paradoxes of inclusive curating. CCC addresses these contexts as a starting point for further developing best practices and existing debates on curatorial responsibility. The nGbK working group invites workers in the arts to exchange ideas on how to further develop the role of the curator and address contemporary challenges. Together they will gather experiences and ideas for (extra)institutional changes that put care at the centre. The programme is divided into three thematic areas: Friday is about curating, Saturday about conflict and Sunday about care work.

Everyone can apply via our open call, whether as a contributor to the programme or just an audience member. Any form of participation is welcome. If you would like to contribute a workshop, lecture or performance to our symposium, please send a short description (200 words) and a corresponding short CV. Depending on the programme of events, it is possible that proposals cannot be considered. In such a case, however, participation as an active audience member is possible.

A large proportion of places will be reserved for BIPoC participants who self-identify as such. This ensures that those who are excluded from these spaces due to discrimination, access difficulties and unaffordability are given the opportunity to explore this work together.


Curating through Conflict with Care

Sat, 1.1.22 – Tue, 30.4.24 Type: Research project