with Vicky Shahjehan, Zahabia Khozema and House of Kal

Sat, 23.9.23, 3.00–6.00 pm Type: Event Languages: English Location: nGbK am Alex Address: Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 11/13, 10178 Berlin Fee: free Organizer: neue Gesellschaft für bildende Kunst

Presentations and talk

15:00–16.30:Presentations and artist talks by Vicky Shahjehan (Colombo) and Zahabia Khozema (Karachi)

16:30–18:00: Conversation about ecologies of practice and community across space and time by the co-makers of House of Kal - Promona Sengupta, Aziza Ahmed and The Many Headed Hydra (Aziz Sohail, Emma Wolf Haugh & Suza Husse)


17.9.23, 1.00–3.00 pm

Radio Kal

Type: Event Location: Online

15.9.23, 3.00 pm

Radio Kal

Type: Event Location: Online

13.9.23, 5.00 pm

House of Kal

Type: Opening Location: nGbK am Alex

2.9.–3.9.23, 10.30–5.00 pm

“This Land Belongs To Us. We Belong To This Land”

Community Practice and Mural Painting with Vicky Shahjehan (CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS)

Type: Workshop Location: nGbK am Alex


House of Kal

Thu, 14.9. – Sun, 12.11.23 Type: Exhibition, Event series Location: nGbK am Alex