Berliner Kulturplätze 1

Theaterspielen nach Feierabend

Year: 1984 Type: Print publication Languages: German Format: 28 x 29 cm Scope: 72 p., numerous images ISBN: 978-3-924703-01-1 Cooperation: Verlag TheaterZeitSchrift

Sites of culture in Berlin 1. Afterwork theater

The working group on sites of culture in Berlin campaigned for the kind of decentral cultural work that had until then been neglected by the city’s politicians. By presenting various self-organized projects and institutions, they aimed to raise public awareness and highlight the urgent need for public funding. This book is the first of five, devoted to theater. The work of Theaterbühne Vineta, in particular, was studied over a long period, resulting in detailed documentation with quotations and interviews, timelines, and photographs. But there is also information about other theaters like Elektra, a private troupe in Spandau, and the amateur theater at VHS Wedding night school, with details of plays, forms of production, venues, and outreach activities.

Ed.: nGbK

Work group: Manfred Baatz, Rainer Bohn, Susann Hellemann, Dorothea Kolland, Monika Strzelet