Berliner Kulturplätze 2

Kulturzentren in Selbstverwaltung

Year: 1985 Type: Print publication Languages: German Scope: 36 p. Cooperation: Verlag TheaterZeitSchrift

Sites of culture in Berlin 2. Self-organized cultural centers

The working group on sites of culture in Berlin campaigned for the kind of decentral cultural work that had until then been neglected by the city’s politicians. By presenting various self-organized projects and institutions, they aimed to raise public awareness and highlight the urgent need for public funding. This book is the second of five, focusing on self-organized cultural centers. It highlights their struggle to find money for staff and materials, for teaching programs and PR. Interviews, quotations, and photographs introduce readers to places like Kulturhaus Wilmersdorf and Pankehallen, while a fold-out playing field tests their knowledge of the state of culture in Berlin with questions like “Where is the only cinema in the Tempelhof district?” or “Give three reasons that may be named by the authorities for closing a cultural center!”

Ed.: nGbK