Berliner Kulturplätze 4


Year: 1985 Type: Print publication Languages: German Scope: 77 p., numerous images Cooperation: Verlag TheaterZeitSchrift

Sites of culture in Berlin 4. Seascape
The working group on sites of culture in Berlin campaigned for the kind of decentral cultural work that had until then been neglected by the city’s politicians. By presenting various self-organized projects and institutions, they aimed to raise public awareness and highlight the urgent need for public funding. This book is the fourth of five, using the example of the Seestück project to present the cultural activities of independent groups to a wider public. It documents a series of outdoor events that took place on a vacant lot on Potsdamer Strasse between the Nationalgalerie and the Philharmonie, a central location surrounded by well-funded cultural institutions. Over six days, there was jazz and new wave music, literature, theater, film, dance, and painting. The book includes a postcard showing the Seascape, the project’s central installation—a gigantic ship with its prow buried in the sand.

Ed.: nGbK




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