Berliner Kulturplätze 5

Phantasie und Volkshochschule

Year: 1985 Type: Print publication Languages: German Scope: 60 p., numerous images Cooperation: Verlag TheaterZeitSchrift

Sites of culture in Berlin 5. Imagination & evening classes

The working group on sites of culture in Berlin campaigned for the kind of decentral cultural work that had until then been neglected by the city’s politicians. By presenting various self-organized projects and institutions, they aimed to raise public awareness and highlight the urgent need for public funding. This book is the last of five, focusing on the cultural work of Berlin’s twelve community colleges, the Volkshochschulen. The working group criticized the conditions under which these colleges exist, some with no rooms, no equipment, and no permanent paid staff. According to the foreword, “community college in Berlin today means a number of sometimes well-hidden offices in huge administrative complexes where heads of department making appointments factor in a 45-minute delay even when the person in question knows their way around.” In spite of this, the colleges achieve astonishing results. The book offers insights into their history, outreach work, projects, and programs.

Ed.: nGbK

Work group: Margret Holz, Jutta Kunde, Katharina Mahrt, Louis O. Luna Matiz, Dorothee Neumann-Kleinpaul, Henrika Prochnow, Doris Rehbehn, Martin A. Rückholz, Gisela Stahl, Elke Stoepel